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Auction donations were due February 3rd. If you still would like to donate, we are in need of VOLUNTEERS ,wine, beer, meals for a year and items from our Amazon wishlist. Please see below and contact our committee with questions.


Image by Christin Hume

The beer & wine pull tables are a popular auction attraction. Families donate beer or wine varietals that are super unique - from their wine/beer clubs, travels, personal collections etc. When the silent auction opens on BidPal, guests purchase a beer or wine pull ticket. This ticket is to 'pull' (literally) a bottle of wine or beer from the pull tables at the event. (located in the cafeteria). So we need help securing all those bottles!


Donating is easy - here are a few options:

  1. Donate your favorite bottle(s) of wine or beer. Historically, most wine bottles are in the $30 to $70 dollar range and beer is in the 'great value for $25 ticket' range

  2. Donate a gift card to your favorite KC wine or beer retailer.  These donations will be used to purchase additional bottles for the tables.

  3. Cash or Venmo donation to The Keeley family for beer or the Kirchner family for wine .We will purchase additional bottles with your donated funds. Be sure to include your first & last name and 'wine pull donation' in the comments

Click the link below to go to the signup genius to claim your wine or beer spot. For delivery - please coordinate with the Keeley family or Kirchner family! Their information can be found on the signup pages

Parents or Students

Get ready to have the most fun with the greatest community of all time! Parent party and Student party tickets remain top selling items each year bringing in awesome proceeds!  STP families create a fun party geared toward kids or adults. The theme, agenda, food, drinks - everything is decided by and funded by  the donors/hosts. 


PARENTS; Parent parties include evenings like Game Nights, Progressive Dinner, Murder Mystery Dinner, Dad's Whiskey or Mom's Wine Nights and more! Hosts can get creative! 

  • The remainder of the parent parties are purchased night of the auction and the paties occur anytime between March 2024 - December 2024. They are limited quantity in BIDPAL (the online auction platform). These tickets are hot and go quickly so make sure you are registered and BE READY to swipe to purchase!

STUDENTS;  Past themes include bowling, trampoline parks, arts/crafts and many others!  There are tickets available for every student in each grade - but be sure you don't miss out on the fun! When the silent auction opens, you can purchase student party tickets.  f you're interested in hosting a parent party, reach out to MaryJane Judy & Angela Hudson (parent party chairs) OR Sarah Pope (student party chairs). 

Image by Brittani Burns
Image by russn_fckr

Grade Art

Grade art is one of the most beloved and popular auction items every year. Students within each grade work together with parents, art teacher and parents to create a unique and one of a kind art piece to be sold in the live auction. There will be one piece per grade. Supporters of grade art donate money to fund the cost of the work (supplies, framing, etc.) and if desired, can also donate time to work with the kids on the project. 


New in 2024 : there will be a four available sponsor spots per grade to fund/sponsor the art project - and each space can be purchased at a $100 increments - $400 total per piece. A family can group together to fund the entire project, families may to choose support an entire piece and would pay/fill all four slots for the piece, but you may fill as many slots as you like! 

Please see the signup genius below to choose your grade & spots. Please coordinate your payment with our Art co-chairs, Laura White & Seabrin Jensen.  At that time you can also discuss time to volunteer to work with the students on the piece. 

Grade Gifts

Grade gifts contribute substantially to the funds raised each year.  So. what IS a grade gift? Families on their own...or in groups pooling their funds...purchase high value items that will be put up for sale in the silent auction. 


NEW IN 2024 - there will be five available spots per grade to fund/sponsor the class gift  - and each space can be purchased in $100 increments (IE: $500 total per grade gift). A family can group together to fund the entire gift, families may to choose buy all slots to fund the entire gift, you can spend more than $500 - you've got options!


Once all slots are filled, the sponsors will work together to decide what to fund. Time to get creative - thinking on what will be popular during the silent auction. Past top sellers include: popular toys & games, gaming systems, entertainment systems, personal electronics, Peleton bike, restaurant/bar experiences, sporting experiences, staycation experiences etc.

Please see the signup genius below to choose your grade & spots.  We will work with you on delivery of gift to the school - due by February 3, 2024. We are happy to work with you to brainstorm something fantastic that will receive top dollar at the auction! 



Did you know you could donate a dinner EASY BUTTON as part of your contribution to the auction? Whoever wins this auction item is given a weekly dinner for the entire school year - either by gift card or by an actual meal prepared by STP families (think 'meal train' approach). You can signup below to donate a meal, a gift card ($75 value), or provide a meal from a restaurant/meal prep company. 

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